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BSK students enjoy the slopes of Switzerland
March 13, 2018, 4:33 pm

During the term break, 27 excited students from the British School of Kuwait (BSK) met at the Kuwait International Airport to begin their journey from Kuwait to Switzerland.  Upon arrival the stark contrast in temperature was noticed, however, the students wrapped up warm and began enjoying the snow.

On the second day, it was time to ski. Over the course of the week, all students managed to improve their skiing, moving from a small nursery slope to the mountain and began attempting some blue and red runs along with some complicated jumps on the ski park. Everyone fell and the students worked hard to overcome their fears and demonstrated great resilience.

Following long and tiring days on the mountain, students were treated to exciting evening activities such as sledding, a campfire, a blindfolded rope maze, swimming, shopping, a movie night, a disco and a talent show. 

On the final day, the students packed up and said their goodbyes to the instructors and camp councilors and made their way to the Callier Chocolate factory to discover the origins of Swiss Chocolate and it is where they became expert taste testers. Finally, a visit to Lake Geneva, where the students met the immortalised music legend, Freddie Mercury.

BSK students and staff were all in agreement that this was a fantastic trip and are eager to return to Switzerland again in 2019.

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