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BSK students attend Khalifa Qattan Arts competition
March 22, 2017, 2:59 pm

For the second consecutive year, 25 excited students from the British School of Kuwait (BSK) attended the Khalifa Qattan arts competition at the Abdulaziz Hussain Cultural Centre in Mishref. The theme for the competition was ‘Gulf United’, and it was showcased in the design of their pictures that the children understood what the Gulf countries have in common.

Themes such as combined flags, different landmarks (Kuwait Towers, the Grand Mosque and Burj Khalifa), camels, coffee pots and Arabic food and dress all featured in the creative designs. The children had a great morning, fully engaged in their art work and were very pleased to receive gifts of art materials from the competition sponsors.   

BSK would like to thank organizer and founder Ms. Jalila Al Qattan for a great artistic experience for students of all abilities and enriching the world of art in Kuwait.

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