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BSK launches school newspaper
December 16, 2015, 12:39 pm

The British School of Kuwait has been running a 'Writer's Club' for many years but this year the students decided they wanted to launch a school newspaper.

Dawood Al-Mekhled was nominated as the editor and a group of eager students from Years 6-12 interviewed teachers and students about themselves and issues that were important to them. The newspaper combines articles, school news, sporting achievement, facts, competitions and more, all written by students.

After working through the editing process,  the newspaper was launched on Sunday, 13 December. As well as a paper copy, a digital copy of the newspaper will be sent via email to every parent in the school.

The students now feel inspired to create a bigger newspaper the next time and other students are also keen to contribute, now that they have seen the finished issue. It is hoped BSK will produce at least two more newspapers before June 2016. 

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