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BSK launches photo club
January 22, 2017, 11:43 am

On Friday, 20 January, the British School of Kuwait (BSK) hosted their inaugural event, a photo walk in Souk Al Mubarakiya. About 34 photographers ranging in ability and experience spent the evening being led through the labyrinth of interesting streets and alleyways by Kuwaiti guides, which concluded with a meal in a local restaurant. The evening was a great success and the team is working hard to organize further events, workshops and a range of other activities.

Photo BSK's mission is to inspire, educate and develop an understanding of photography through active engagement, whilst fostering the growth of artistic vision and technical knowledge. Their aim is to provide a community where all ages and abilities can explore, experiment and develop an understanding of this fascinating art form.

Further information on future events, workshops and other activities can be found on our Photo.BSK Instagram page, or contact us on


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