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BSK Superhero day soars to success
October 8, 2017, 1:37 pm

At the British School of Kuwait (BSK) on Thursday, 5 October, the Year 1 students enjoyed the theme ‘KAPOW!’ by coming to school dressed as their favorite superhero character.  During the day, the students took part in a variety of activities that encouraged group work, problem solving, communication and language and thinking skills.

This term, the Year 1 students are learning many skills and knowledge through an engaging, fun, creative superhero themed topic. It links Geography, where the students will learn compass directions, human and physical features as well as devise simple maps, and Science, where the students will learn about parts of the human body as well as understand about their senses.

To learn the importance of a healthy body and lifestyle, the students were involved in a superhero workout. Students made superhero puppets and used role play to act out a scene. Classes explored the school on a superhero hunt and solved clues to unlock their heroes. In teams, the children visited a superhero training camp in the playground where they ran through tunnels, zig-zagged through cones and jumped through hoops.

It was a fantastic day for students and teachers, which has inspired a love of learning and raised high expectations for the rest of the term.

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