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BSK Reception students welcome new sensory play equipment
October 15, 2017, 3:33 pm

The Reception outdoor learning environment at The British School of Kuwait (BSK) has been transformed into a new sensory play environment, with activities focusing on refining the students’ fine motor skills and developing their emergent writing skills. Students are also encouraged to describe and discuss the activities with one another to develop their communication skills.

The equipment purchased includes wooden outdoor ‘Texture’ kitchens to be used with wet sand and salt dough. Texture kitchens are popular in early year’s settings in the UK as they stimulate communication and imaginative play. They encourage joint planning where children work together to come up with a plan, negotiate with joint discussions that lead to an agreed end result and problem-solving, taking time to think together or alone to solve a problem or issue.

Bamboo weaving wigwams for weaving ribbons, support developing fine motor skills and help children to identify and create patterns, whilst a selection of wall mounted blackboards develop emergent writing skills.

Miss Jessica, class tutor for Reception 8, says, “The students were very excited to explore our outdoor area.  It has sparked their interests, inspiring new creative ideas; alongside developing and extending their language. They have been able to form new friendships with children from other classes who share similar interests.  It is wonderful to watch!"

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