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BIERAT conducted Capacity Building Program
March 12, 2014, 9:49 am

Bhavan Institute of Educational Research and Training (BIERAT), the only CBSE empanelled training institute in the Middle East, conducted a Capacity Building Program in Indian Educational School, Kuwait on Effective School Management through Content and Context for the selected senior teachers in the Indian Schools in Kuwait who aspire to be the future administrators in the field of education and schooling.   

Dr Raju Narayana Swami, IAS, the chief resource person inaugurated the course in the presence of other eminent personalities like  Mr. Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in the Middle East and Mrs. Santha Maria, Principal, Indian Central School.  Mrs. Meena Vishwanathan, Educational Officer, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, India (South Zone) and Mr. Alex Joseph, Director, BIERAT assisted him in handling the auxiliary topics.

The two day orientation course analyzed the nuances of topics like Cybercrime, Action Research, Thematically Integrated Instruction, Popularizing Science, Emotional Intelligence etc. Raju Narayana Swami with his unique brilliance, matchless spontaneity and mastery over the topics handled, exhorted the participants to update themselves on the latest changes and trends in the world of science, technology and the cyber world.

He regretted that the student generation, in general, is not channeling their privilege of being the techno savvies to generate knowledge.  Cybercrimes are rocketing up at an alarming rate, and it is the added responsibility of the teaching community to guide children to the right path. He wanted teachers to be the advocates of modern science, and to take up the responsibility of popularizing science.  

A child, in his view, should be motivated to follow his lessons with the same interest with which he watches his favorite cartoon channels. If the educators can unleash the power of emotions in children, the urge for creativity can be ignited well. All teachers should update themselves with every minute change that happens in his or her area of specialization.  He summarized his sessions saying that science which does not dovetail with ethics and values is soulless. The endeavor undertaken by BIERAT was much appreciated by Mr. Swami because he said that the panacea to save India is human resource development.

The session on Action Research demanded a change in the pedagogy and outlook of every pedagogue. Every teacher has to keep his eyes open for the changes in the realm of education.  Mr. Alex Joseph who facilitated the discussion, remarked that every focus point in life should be approached methodically.   The holistic process of selecting the focus, clarifying the same with theories, collecting the data, analyzing the data and coming to the most justifiable conclusion, and finally reporting the results was authentically narrated by the resource person.

Delving deep into the concept of thematic integrated curriculum, Mrs. Meena Vishwanathan discussed the relevance of creating a brain friendly environment where learning becomes more meaningful.  Organizing a true simulation of a collaborative classroom, Mrs. Meena elicited the classroom experiences from the participants, and a conviction about the feasibility and flexibility of the concept was brought home.

The capacity building program conducted on 9th and 10th of March was attended by 20 delegates from various schools in Kuwait. Mr. Premkumar, Principal, Indian Educational school gave a formal welcome to the course and Mr. Antony Noel, Activity Coordinator, Indian Central School proposed the vote of thanks.

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