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BAIA wows audiences with Bugsy Malone
May 26, 2017, 1:27 pm

BAIA recently staged the musical comedy Bugsy Malone.

The one set stage was set as Fat Sam’s 1920’s Jazz club with a live Jazz band on stage.

With a cast of over 40 young actors with an average age of only 10, the act was entertaining. The event had with itself solo singing, slick dance routines and comic timing.

The young suave Bugsy Malone was superbly played by Morgan Gwillim with just the right amount of cheekiness that had the audience hanging on his every word.  Blousy Brown, the young girl looking for that break that will get her to Hollywood, was played by Salma Elkoragaty.

Tony Rezk as Fat Sam certainly left no one in doubt as to who was the ‘boss’ of his club.  His not so intelligent gangs of hoodlums were wonderful to watch in their stupidity until their demise by the ‘splurge’ guns of Dandy Dan’s gang.  Dandy Dan, Fat Sam’s arch rival, was splendid in his upper class gangster role played by Roger Antoun.

Joanna Younes was excellent as the sultry Tallulah who made life difficult for Bugsy and Blousy with her underhand ways.  Audiences laughed at the totally incompetent police officers, a role shared over the 3 performances by Nupur Gupta, Saja Awida and Adam Salha.

The finale had the audience clapping along to the final number belted out by a cast now covered in yukky splurge while singing “we could have been anything that we wanted to be” and “it’s not too late change.” No doubt about it, it must be worthwhile. 

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