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BAIA breaks records with Dance Exam Results
May 22, 2017, 11:31 am

The British Academy of International Arts (BAIA) has received the highest distinction pass rate from a weekend of dance examinations under the National Association of Teachers of Dance (NATD). These dance exams included graded Contemporary examinations and Trophy Dance Awards in Ballet, Tap, Modern, and Jazz.

A staggering 75 dance students entered under dance teacher, Ms Claire Findlay, after completing 3 terms of learning the exam work. These examinations are recognised as part of the national qualification framework in England, which allows the students to obtain UCAS points to put toward entry for University’s in Europe.

The overall result concluded with an impressive 90% distinction grade and the rest merit level. This is the highest success score BAIA has ever been awarded.

The examiner, Mrs Harita Stavrou, has been working with BAIA to develop the contemporary dance program and offering training to both teachers and students.

BAIA holds classes in Classical Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, and Contemporary starting from ages 3 years old. For further information on what BAIA has to offer in dance, music, drama and art please contact us on the details: Facebook: thebaia and Instagram: baiainQ8.

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