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BAIA’s enthusiastic young stars entertain in ‘Poptastic’ musical
May 10, 2015, 12:17 pm

The British Academy of International Arts held on Friday and Saturday an eventful end-of-term musical titled ‘Poptastic’ featuring vibrant and enchanting characters and amazing songs. The production written by Limelight Musicals has been performed in many schools. Poptastic tells the story of young aspiring pop star, Charlie, and her search for fame and fortune. In her journey to discovering her talent, there is a conflict between ambition and friendship. It is a learning experience to keep her friends yet be true to herself as taught by her guardian angel.

The narration includes many quality songs and colorful costumes against a dazzling backdrop and props. Children of varying ages (from age 7-15) participated, and were trained in song, dance and all aspects of the theatre. They showed dedication to their roles and shined at the musical despite the difficulty of the material. The stars had an enchanting presence on stage, and their singing and energetic dancing greatly appealed to the audience. Speaking to some of the actors before the show, they said they were excited to be part of the show and that it was an amazing experience from which they had learnt a lot.

Where this play shines is in its music, and the rich tunes effortlessly delivered by the actors. There was a great balance between the song and emotional aspects of the musical. The finale offered a fun ride through songs sung beautifully by a talented main cast. 

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