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Ayam Zaman
June 22, 2015, 3:45 pm

An authentic Lebanese culinary experience awaits one at Ayam Zaman restaurant. Lebanese cuisine is an ancient one, steeped in history and with many of its dishes tracing its origins back thousands of years to Roman, and even Phoenician times.

Cuisine: The restaurant preserves the integrity of each dish to satisfy the most complex of taste buds. Its carefully composed menu delivers a perfect balance of herbs, spices and ingredients. Their freshly cooked delectable dishes feature all the wonderful Lebanese classics such as hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and Lebanese-spiced meats.

Must try: Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, parsley, lemon and oil | Shanklish –traditional Lebanese cheese mixed with thyme, vegetables and sumac |  Eggplant Mfassakh –deep fried eggplant with mixed nuts, molasses, lemon and garlic | Ayam Zaman mixed grill — a selection of kafta, taouk, lamb tenderloin, lamb chops and shrimps | Mafroukeh — semolina roasted with pistachio, stuffed with fresh kashta.

Ambience: Enjoy the charming atmosphere, because meals in Lebanon are also all about family and friends, and the atmosphere in the restaurant reflects this in its warm and inviting surroundings. Once you set foot in Ayam Zaman, its beautiful garden view and bubbling waterfall sets a romantic and invigorating tone to the restaurant.

Add on: They offer special hours (12pm–11:30pm) just for shisha and drinks, giving you a great social release perfectly complemented by the calm and serene environment.

Location: Crowne Plaza / Holiday Inn, Salmiya / The Zone Restaurant Complex, Hawally Block 13 

Contact: 24732100 ext. 7666 / 24757775, 25760000 / 25760444, 1823888


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