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Avanti Palace –Exceptional and wholly imaginative
October 6, 2016, 3:23 pm

Avanti Palace, a leading multi-cuisine restaurant, has carved a niche for itself on the restaurant scene in Kuwait with its exquisite dishes and unique fine-dining experience. In a bid to expand its menu offerings, Avanti Palace has announced a new menu for October that features a selection of delectable dishes, which are remixes of their original dishes. The Times Kuwait was recently treated to an exclusive sampling of dishes from their new menu, which is available during their special Kabab food festival on weekends and public holidays.

Avanti Palace has built a reputation for showcasing their food as an art form and the passion and creativity of the dedicated chefs were clearly visible in the dishes we sampled. Diners will relish the rich texture and quality of the food that combines fresh ingredients and exotic spices for an elegant marriage of flavors.

In a preamble to the main meal, we had as starters a choice of crunchy Vegetable Cashew Nut Rolls, tasty Chicken Kurma Kabab, and freshly spiced Tilani Kabab. Some of the starters were characterized by their intense zest made memorable through the delicate use of garlic paste, yogurt and a touch of lemon.

The highlight of the menu was a series of tandoor dishes that used less oil than other dishes and were grilled to seal in the flavors. The Tandoori Prawns were perfectly seasoned in a marinade that burst forth with a savory taste with the first bite. The Tangdi Kabab was a delectable dish prepared by marinating chicken in aromatic Indian spices to achieve a soft texture that fills your mouth with its tangy sensations.

The Lamb Tandoori was equally juicy and so palatable beneath their crisp spice-reddened coating that you really did not need any accompanying dipping sauce.

The Murgh Kurani Kabab was another captivating dish with its mixture of well-cooked Kabab, garlic and spices to leave a distinctive impression on the palate. Finally there was the Chicken Kurani Kabab that packed a real tang and was nicely complemented by the hot fresh naan.

For fans of biryani, the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, prepared with either fresh lamb or chicken as the centerpiece, is a treat that delivers all the right notes of well-cooked meat in aromatic rice enriched with spices.

Classics dishes prepared in an innovative manner is a truly enjoyable variation to stock dishes. With the new menu,  Avanti Palace has made its extensive original menu even more diverse, with the additional attractions making an evening of dining at their outlet a memorable experience.

By Christina Pinto
Staff Reporter



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