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Avanti Palace – Simply Superb Sizzlers
May 24, 2015, 5:01 pm

Avanti Palace has earned quite a name for itself as one of the trendiest spot for the hottest sizzlers on the food scene. This restaurant is kept busy with diners either gathering for a small get-together or for family occasions be it a birthday or an anniversary celebration. A variety of mouthwatering cuisines - Chinese, International, Continental and Arabic provide attractive options for patrons to enjoy at reasonable prices. Still, the highlight of the menu is the aromatic and deliciously tantalizing sizzler of chicken, steak or seafood variety, namely the Chicken Steak, Steak Diana and Seafood sizzler. The sizzlers had hearty sized servings easily shared between two persons.

With growing popularity, particularly the chicken and seafood, the sizzler has reached specialty status. The Mix Sizzlers had a delectable arrangement of the finest choice of chicken and prawns. While enjoying a refreshing drink, savor the exciting S-54 platter that has steak, chicken and prawns coupled with vegetables sitting well-done in harmony and smothered in a delicious mushroom sauce. The distinct flavors are in every aspect of the dish, and were drawn out to tantalize the taste buds.

Another favorite is the Steak with Garlic Sauce – a well-done, juicy steak drizzled in a creamy garlic sauce. The texture of the sauce and vegetables and the mixture of flavors blended wonderfully. Which can also be said about the Sea Food Delight, a dense, well balanced combination of fish and prawns that was admirably cooked to perfection. Diners also raved about the other sizzler dishes that met their preference for tasty chicken. Of the Chicken Sizzler with Garlic Sauce, every ingredient is wonderfully flavorsome to satisfaction. The well-seasoned exuberant Garlic gravy is deserving of its place on the most delectable of meat pieces.

Also worth mentioning, the chicken sizzlers should not be overlooked, particularly the one served with thick, meltin- your- mouth chicken pieces sidled by roasted vegetables and french fries with a shower of piquant pepper sauce. In contrast to the chicken sizzler which was slightly tangy from the pepper sauce, the Chicken Shaslik had rice as a wellmatched accompaniment. There was a great balance of flavors coming from the ingredients, though the arrangement was simple, the dish was delicious. The news is spreading fast that Avanti Palace hosts the best mouth-watering sizzlers and promises a sizzling medley that is unforgettable.

Avanti Palace
Faize Commercial Complex, Hamad Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya, Kuwait | Telephone: 2575 1081, 2575 1082
Tunisia St, Hawally, Kuwait | Telephone: 2264 1678


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