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Automatic cut of telephone service if August bills not paid
August 9, 2017, 5:38 pm

The Ministry of Communications on Wednesday urged subscribers to pay financial dues, warning that it will enforce a programmed automatic severance of telephone land lines service for August in line with the procedure in force.

Subscribers will receive a general warning message on August 13, then a second will follow to the concerned ones a week later, the ministry said in a statement. Service will be cut as of August 27 if bills are not paid, it added.

The financial ceiling according to which the computer will include a phone line in the "severance list" is KD 50 (about US$165) for home lines and KD 100 (about US$330) for commercial ones, the ministry noted.

Telephone lines whose bills are being paid in installments will be automatically comprised on the list once a subscriber welshes on payment. Subscribes can pay bills via the ministry's website or the official one of the State of Kuwait Government, the Kuwait Government on Line." They can also phone 123 to ask about their bills.

Source: KUNA

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