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Authenticating with your palm
October 29, 2017, 4:19 pm

Redrock Biometrics believes it has a solution to the perennial problem of access control through pin numbers, passwords and identity management. Redrock uses a person’s palm-prints to verify identity by using a combination of off-the-shelf hardware and proprietary software. 

The company, formed by former Leap Motion employees and now tech entrepreneurs Lenny Kontsevich and Hua Yang, says that currently there is no commercially available palm biometric which works with ordinary RGB cameras available on many devices.

“You can think about the palm as a very large fingerprint,” says Mr. Kontsevich. “It has a rich structure and can be captured by any camera without the need for any contact.”

According to a company statement, the new technology can convert a palm image into a unique signature and authenticate the user in 10- to 100-milliseconds depending on CPU speed. The technology runs on either a client or a server and matches a verification request against an enrollment template, using proprietary algorithms tested on thousands of palms.

Positioning palm biometrics vs. either fingerprint or iris scanners, Konsevich says that the palm scanning technology they developed does not require special equipment. And it is far more secure than scans like the face scanning technology currently being deployed by some mobile phone manufacturers.

There are thousands of images of people’s faces publicly available on social media that can be used to fake a face scan, says Konsevich. “A palm, in this regard, is much harder to get. People don’t make photographs of their palm in good resolution.”

“The beauty of our approach is it’s secure and works across all devices that have a camera,” says Konsevich.”That provides a breadth of applications that can start with online, banking, or an ATM.”

The company is also claiming that its biometric identification technology is “enrollment portable”, with authentication technologies available for sign-in authentication across Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Linux, as well as stand-alone client-server technologies. Any device with an RGB or infrared camera and a central processing unit can use the technology, the company said.

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