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Augmented Reality for retailers, manufacturers
September 24, 2017, 3:59 pm

When you look at an IKEA catalog or its website, you might think you are looking at rooms full of Swedish sofas, coffee tables and stylish lamps, but what you are actually looking at is highly realistic, but digitally manipulated 3D facsimiles.

These same facsimiles are now being used to build the next generation of retail augmented reality (AR) apps that let you select and place furniture or appliances in your own rooms before deciding what to buy.

Colormass, a Berlin-based company, is now offering retailers or manufacturers of any tangible products a platform for creating an IKEA-like experience for their merchandise.

All that a manufacturing company, say a furniture manufacturer, needs to do is supply its production files that were created as part of its manufacturing process, along with information regarding textures, colors and other variables related to the product. Colormass then uses computer vision algorithms to convert these images into lifelike, but fabricated, 3D files, which can be altered with different textures and colors available for the product, and subsequently embedded in different virtual scenes.

The service from Colormass costs only a fraction of what it would cost for a business either to create a system like the one used by, say, IKEA, or to build the various physical products and settings to shoot them in the more traditional way in a photo-studio setting.


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