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Ashok Subhan – budding actor charms in Tamil movie
October 8, 2016, 4:22 pm

Ashok Subhan, a Tamilian cine artist, is on a publicity tour of his latest movieVilayatu Aambam’ (Game Begins) which will be released in November. Speaking to The Times Kuwait in an exclusive interview, he discussed various details about his foray into movies. “I was always interested in acting and was very involved in plays.  This is my first movie and I am very excited about it. I was discovered by the Director Vijay R. Anand, who is a friend of my mother and he encouraged me to get into films- saying I had a face for it.”

Speaking briefly about his film, he mentioned that it is a new take on the jobless situation faced by many young people in India. He explained that he plays a supporting character to a friend both of whom have difficulty finding jobs, but Subhan’s character finally manages to prove himself through marketing techniques. Mr. Subhan is very proud of the movie and hopes it does well. He has high praise forthe film’s cast and director who worked tirelessly on the movie. “The movie stars Yuvan, and features some other entertaining actors, who have been a part of the industry for a long time like Riyaz Khan, who many would recognize in a number of movies. The director was very good; he gave me a lot of direction and helped me do the best for my role.”

On being asked to think over how close the characteristics of his character resemble his own self, he was happy to explain that there were many similarities. He believed that his character Amitab is funny, friendly and a care-free guy who always enjoys every bit of his life, which is just like himself. “But the only difference is that he has chosen a far stable job then the acting career I decided to embark on,” He added.

On being asked if there was a particular scene he was proud of, he responded, “There was this scene of a group session where the actors are narrating how they lost this job. I stood and spoke very emotionally about my struggles. The director and crew later commended me on my performance.”

Sharing his future career hopes with The Times Kuwait, the young artist said that he would like to undertake some challenging roles in blockbuster movies and work with popular actors in Bollywood. He went on to say, “Since I am just a rookie, I love everything about the job because it is different from what I have been doing before. The most interesting and intriguing part is the unpredictability, you never know what’s next.”

When inquired on his perfect dream role, he stressed that it wasn’t important to him, saying “Any role which is offered to me, and after reading the script, I find it will get me appreciation, recognition and love – I see it as a dream role for me.”

Regarding his training for future roles, he mentioned that he has worked hard to be a proficient male gymnast among his other talents.

If he has any advice for future budding actors, he advised, “Work hard at it if it is your passion. It takes a lot of dedication to get anywhere in this field.”

The advice is reiterated when he discusses his experience onset, “As of now I have had no such negative experience, everyone is very nice to me despite my mistakes. There is a common opinion that the movie industry is not a bed of roses but I beg to differ; if you to do your work properly, everyone will appreciate you.”

Mr. Subhan has so far enjoyed his publicity tour in Kuwait and hoped that the people would enjoy his movie.  

Christina Pinto

Staff Writer

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