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Artist Hiresh Shiva Exhibition
October 13, 2015, 5:42 pm

An art exhibition, organized by Dar Al Funoon Gallery in collaboration with Boushahri Gallery, will feature artist Hiresh Shiva's art series. Shiva’s works are exhibited widely at galleries and art fairs throughout Iran and the Middle-East, including at the Istanbul Art Fair. Shiva’s body of work has a common background of hard brick walls, which turn out to be malleable to extract graceful figurative forms. His ability to create this contrast between hard and fluid with subtle inscriptions of calligraphy, has allowed him to produce works that are profoundly beautiful and thought provoking.

Date: Till 15 October
Place: Dar Al Funoon Gallery, Al Watiah, Behbehani Compound, Kuwait City Block 14, House No. 28.
Contact: 22433138 |
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