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Art exhibition showcases talented Indian artists
June 6, 2015, 12:27 pm

The IARTCO, a non-profit organization, opened an art gallery at the Gulf Rose Hotel building, Mirgab in Kuwait City on 4 June with A.K. Srivastava Second Secretary (Press, Info & Culture) of the Indian Embassy inaugurated the event. The art exhibit, ‘Mind n’ Moods’ displayed around 40 original artworks of 15 eminent artists from India, who communicated through various artistic techniques. The exhibition 'Mind n Moods' will be open to the public until 8 June.

Aside from revealing some aspects of India, the paintings showcased the various ideas of the country’s talented artists belonging to different backgrounds. According to M.V. John, CEO of IARTCO, the art gallery was opened to increase the awareness of Indian art and culture in Kuwait. It also serves as a platform for artists by offering a professional art gallery at a reasonable price to present their work, thereby giving them an opportunity to further their creative endeavors. Mr. John, a connoisseur of art and a philanthropist, is part of the movement to connect artists and their work to art lovers around the world.

Some of the noteworthy artists names featured had received many awards and were recognized, particularly Mahendra Kadiam who had exhibited his artwork all over India, and Kuntal De, a native of West Bengal, who has done several solo and group exhibitions. Few of the artists featured had captured the heart of India's traditions, culture and architecture in a thought-proving manner thought their creative depictions of simple objects from the clay ovens, which was used to cook, to the forts and heritage sites, and the more emblematic classic Indian train and the wedding party.

Another prominent artist was Chaula Doshi, who has been showcased in national and international platforms in various art galleries. Her artwork distinctly conveyed her interest in the range of emotions bought on by relationships and how it shaped her view of different faces. The art exhibition provided some deep insight into India’s art scene and the visitors left proud of having their culture being given the representation it deserved.

Christina Pinto
Staff writer

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