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Art competition invites students to appreciate beautiful Palestine
December 13, 2018, 8:24 pm

The Palestinian embassy in Kuwait in cooperation with the Kuwait Journalist Association will hold a student art competition titled ‘Colors of Palestine’, announced Adnan Saad, the organizer of the competition. The competition, held from 9 December till 20 January, 2019, under the Patronage of the Ministry of Education, aims to encourage students in Kuwait to learn more about the heritage, culture and civilization uniquely characteristic of Palestine, and to depict their understanding of the country’s various aspects through artistic expression.

It is open to students from all educational levels belonging to government, Arabic and English private schools, as well as special need schools. Students of both genders can participant and are instructed to join one of the 4 different age groups: 6 to 9 years old, 10 to 13years old, 14 to 17 years old and Special Needs.

Participants can draw anything that accurately represents the heritage, culture, iconography and beauty of Palestine under the theme ‘Colors of Palestine’ using their preferred drawing materials and methods. 

Drawing sheets will be given to participants free of charge.  Students will create and submit their artwork to enter the competition. A committee consisting of expert artists will examine all the drawings after the competition closes, and select the best ones from the collection according to the category. Ten winners from each category will be chosen, as well as another ten who have exhibited special efforts. The criteria for judging include creativity, the level of effort and artistic techniques.

The top 10 winners from each category will be awarded a valuable prize and certificate with their names. Furthermore, certificates will be given to the school as an honorable participation. The closing ceremony is held under the patronage of Minister of Education, and will be well-attended by ambassadors, sponsors, school principals and art teachers as well as Arabic & English Media outlets. Winners will be invited to attend with their parents. The event sponsor is Guest University, Sebamed, Qurqasha,AL-Sanabel Al-Thahabya, alongwith the support of Kuwait Journalist Association .

The ‘Colors of Palestine theme’ for the Art Competition is to encourage students to go on a journey of discovery into the heart of Palestine, which boasts a unique cultural landscape and heritage, fascinating people, scenic  natural beauty and iconic Holy sites.

Palestine has been under the influence of various cultures and is home to a mosaic of multicultural communities. The country’s national wealth features diverse folk arts, craft-making, oral traditions, and rich music.


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