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Art Gallery for Domestic Workers
September 5, 2015, 5:15 pm

A four-hour photography workshop called Project 52-Pixels, an Art Gallery for Domestic Workers in Kuwait, with an aim of shedding light on abused domestic workers and their rights in the country, including domestic workers to professionally take photographs in an intense course where each of them will be given their own cameras to take and keep. 

Their recent social media ad pointed out, "Abuse is too common amongst domestic workers in Kuwait, a high percentage of them suffer from a form of abuse in one way or another, ranging from sexual abuse, physical, food deprivation, no pay- modern day slavery, suicide, and more. All gone with no reports and no punishment to the employer."

With an aim to involve people who believe in the rights of their domestic workers, to be an example to other locals in Kuwait, the project asks the employers to give them a day off for the workshop to be held at Masaha 13, on 12 September from 10am–2pm.

The domestic workers who attend the workshop would be given cameras to professionally photograph under the guidance of professional photographers, and later be able to keep the given cameras to themselves.

An extension of the workshop requires them to take their cameras with them on their days off, take photos of anything that speaks to them – the city, the streets, Church, or friends they meet, but not the house or the family employing them.

Project 52-Pixels would then collect the films to exhibit them at Masaha 13 public art gallery in the month of October, where both the employers and the domestic workers would be invited,  congratulated and acknowledged asides other attendees and public.

It calls for believing in domestic workers' rights and be a leading example of change. To have your house helper take part, can contact them on 97841212 or send an email to

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