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Arpan cancels Onam celebrations; starts flood relief and rehabilitation efforts
August 23, 2018, 3:01 pm

Arpan Kuwait executive committee (EC) unanimously decided to cancel the proposed mega Onam celebrations of 2018 after floods, landslides and widespread havoc affected hundreds of thousands of people in Kerala. The disaster, the greatest in Kerala’s history, has been labeled as Level-3 catastrophe by Indian central government. Arpan stated that the organization will contribute its fund kept for Onam celebration, as well as contributions collected from members, to the Chief Minister’s Flood Relief Fund. 

Arpan EC has also decided to run a campaign among the Kerala community and other state associations in Kuwait with the aim of raising maximum funds to support rehabilitation of affected people and rebuilding the devastated state. Arpan has made an appeal to Indian Embassy for bringing together all Indian Associations, Government, Non-Governmental agencies for supporting Kerala flood relief under the guidance of the embassy.

The executive committee expressed happiness on witnessing the unity and togetherness of political parties and other social and cultural organizations in joining hands together for helping out at the time of this crisis. The committee also praised the leadership of central and state agencies in disaster management. The meeting was presided by President Suresh K.P. and attended by General Secretary Venkatakrishnan N., Vice-President K. Mahadevan, Treasurer George Abraham, Advisory board members Krishnan K. Pillai (chairman), Mohan K. Iyer, Cultural Secretary Kala Mohan, Ladies Wing Convener Latha Mahadevan and other office bearers.

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