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Arpan Kuwait holds Annual General Body meeting
February 7, 2017, 11:35 am

Arpan - Kuwait, a socio cultural organization, held its 18th Annual General Body Meeting on 3 February at 6:30 pm at Salmiya Sopanam Hall. The Agenda was for selecting the new office bearers for the coming year as well as planning upcoming major activities for 2017.

The AGM started with prayer and paid homage to the great personalities left us during the year 2016-17. Joint Secretary Venkatkrishnan welcomed everyone to the meeting. The AGM approved the Annual Working Report and Financial Report for 2016 presented by General Secretary (Mohammed Rafi Padiyath) and Treasurer (Ganesh SP) respectively. The AGM discussed the overall performance of the association for the previous year and suggested the improvements.

The meeting unanimously elected Sri Suresh KP as the President, a veteran of many years and associations. The members present elected Sri Mohammed Rafi Padiyath as the General Secretary, Sri S.P.Ganesh as the Treasurer, Sri Venkatkrishnan as PRO, Srimathi Kala Mohan as Cultural Secretary, Sri Sajeevan as Sports wing Secretary and Sri P A Menon as the Chairman of the Advisory Board.

The AGM also selected Mr. Mahadevan as Vice president, Anil Attuva as Jt. Secretary, George K Abraham as Jt. Treasurer to support the main office bearers with Sam C Vilanilam, Charudethan, Sreenath M Raghunath, Mohan Radhakrishnan, Mohandas Puthuparambil, Suresh Sadan, Shaju Poulose, Prashanth KP and Mrs. Preethi Charudathan as Executive members.

Meeting dissolved after expressing condolences to Malappuram MP E Ahmed who passed away .


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