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Around 45,000 illegals took advantage of extended amnesty
March 13, 2018, 8:37 am

In the midst of expected increase in the number of expatriates who will avail the amnesty in the coming days, sources in the Ministry of Interior revealed that about 45,000 individuals who violated the Residency Law have benefited from the amnesty which was announced by the ministry to allow violators to amend their status or leave the country without paying fines.

At the same time, the Public Authority for Manpower revealed that about 23,500 employees in the private sector who were reported to have absconded after 1 April, 2016 can also benefit from the decision to amend their status.

In the same context, sources in the ministry reported that about 25,000 Residency Law violators have left the country through land and air borders; whereas about 20,000 amended their status after paying fines.

Sources said it is expected that the number of those who will benefit from the amnesty, which ends on 22 April, 2018, will increase and this is after the violators obtain travel documents from their embassies.

Sources called on the remaining 110,000 residency violators to benefit from the amnesty, adding the Public Authority for Manpower is receiving applications to lift absconding charges on those who wish to exit or amend their status before the amnesty period ends.

Source: Arab Times

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