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Around 1,800 illegals, criminals, wanted persons caught in raids
January 31, 2018, 8:40 am

Officers from the Public Security Sector of Ministry of Interior set up 326 checkpoints and arrested 1,781 individuals including violators and those wanted on different cases and seized 22 wanted vehicles during several security campaigns that they launched in different parts of the country during the period from January 19 and January 27, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The arrested individuals included 517 who are wanted for criminal and civil cases, 1,102 residency law violators, 97 involved in drug cases and 20 involved in liquor cases. About 45 marginal workers were also arrested.

Security forces dealt with 433 cases of quarrels, issued 2,145 traffic violations and seized 95 vehicles. They also offered 2,357 humanitarian services and set up 1,564 points of police security presence.

About 2,015 traffic accidents were surveyed and 56 arrests were made for theft, street hawking and parking in places designated for disabled people.

The Public Relations and Media Security Department of Ministry of Interior affirmed that such security campaigns will continue round the clock in different areas to ensure law is applied and to curb indiscipline.

Source: Arab Times

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