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Arirang- Savour the best Asian dishes
November 30, 2015, 3:05 pm

Experience the excitement and novelty of Asian cuisine at Arirang, one of the finest Korean restaurants in Kuwait. The décor portrays a rich elegant style with soft lighting, beautiful furnishings in intricate Korean designs and swaths of fabric in red, gold and blue.

Understand the luscious flavors of Korea with several well-known Korean specialty dishes at Arirang, including the Kalbi Gui, beef short ribs marinated in Korean soy sauce and grilled to perfection. Another popular Arirang dish is the Dolsot Bibimbap, warm white rice along with a delicious mix of beef and vegetables, topped with an egg yolk and served in a dolshot (Korean hot pot) along with gochujang (Korean chili paste).

The restaurant’s latest menu features some great offerings that enable guests to sample, in addition to traditional Korean specialties, several new dishes from Philippines and Japanese cuisines. While priding itself on maintaining the authenticity of the different cuisines, Arirang empowers them with distinct flavors.

Talented chefs skillfully recreate Japanese and Filipino culinary delights with a focus on creativity. Boundary-blurring dishes which derive inspirations from Japanese and Filipino cuisines are a unique treat at the restaurant. Most dishes on the menu retain their original recipes with emphasis on the healthy quotient of Asian food, while enriching it with Arirang’s own modern style of culinary experimentation.

An enticing roster of traditional Korean appetizers starts the meal at Arirang, and provides a hint of the tastes to expect during the dining experience there.

Soups also adhere to Arirang’s visual and fusion creativity with the Salmon Head Sinigang soup presenting a salmon head cooked to softness in a broth of radish and onions and given a tint of bitterness with the addition of tamarind and miso that produce a distinctive flavor.

Some of the other inspirations from Filipino cuisine include Bistek or beef tenderloin, which is given a tart inflection with soy sauce, and Grilled Calamari — marinated squid stuffed with ginger, onions, green chili and black pepper, and cooked to perfection. The Daing Na Bangus, or Fried Milkfish, has a distinctive flavor that maintains a strong tinge of black pepper and garlic.

Japanese cuisine inspired dishes include the Nabeyaki udon soup, a dizzying combination of chewy udon in savory dashi stock along with ingredients such as shrimp tempura, crab sticks and mushrooms, that provide flavors likely to set your palate ablaze.

Complementing the hot soups is Yaki udon, thick smooth noodles served in a special sauce topped with chicken or shrimp that lends a silky texture and heavy sweetness to the dish. Another traditional Japanese dish is Sukiyaki, crunchy vegetables and thinly sliced beef simmered in a nabemono (Japanese hot pot) that produces a glorious blend of sweet and salt.

The Chicken and Beef Teriyaki at Arirang deserve special mention both for their perfect cooking and the depth of sauce flavors that shine through. 

A distinctive feature of Arirang is the courteous and friendly waiters who add a personalized edge to the dining experience with their bright smiles and an answer to any question. They treat all guests regally and serve with an attention to the minutest detail.

Arirang restaurant is located on the second floor of Swiss-Belhotel Plaza on Fahad Al Salem Street in Kuwait City. Open daily from 12pm-10pm. For reservation, call 22436686ext.958


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