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Are you ready for a virtual assistant?
November 8, 2015, 5:12 pm

There is a breaking point for almost every successful entrepreneur. You started out on your own and planned to stay that way as long as possible. But as your business continues to grow, you reach a point when you can no longer avoid it.

It is time to hire help. For many entrepreneurs, hiring other people and bringing them into their business as actual employees is a terrifying thought. They would love the help, but there is no way they can afford the payroll taxes, insurance premiums and benefits that come along.

If you cannot afford the additional expenses that come with hiring an employee, then hiring independent contractors, (or virtual assistants), may be a way to avoid those additional expenses while still meeting your hiring needs. 

But before you jump into the track and hire someone, know that hiring anyone and everyone is not beneficial for you or your business. Certain points should be analyzed to know if you are ready. A wrong decision might prove as a huge loss for your company.

Do not hire until you are ready. Before hiring your first assistant, be sure to have a clear idea of what tasks they might be able to take over from you. Keep track of every task so that you can later decide what can be outsourced.

Create a strong system first. Create a system, master it and then create a training program before handing it off. If your virtual assistant decides to leave at one point then you could easily hire another in his/her place and use the existing training material, resulting in a much less stressful turnover.

Hire like your future depends on it. Most virtual assistants are going to be terrible. It is not because they are virtual assistants, rather because they are human. If you have ever hired employees before, you would probably know that less than 10 percent of applicants are worth hiring. So treat your virtual assistant role like it is the most important role in your company -- because it just might be.

A virtual assistant can change your life, giving you back your day so you can work on the tasks that will take your business to incredible new places. However, if you think you can simply hire any virtual assistant and improve your business, you are naive. Instead, get prepared, take the role seriously, build solid systems, create in-depth training and hire only the best.

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