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Arabic Transcripts of Romanian Poems in Al-Babtain Library
May 18, 2015, 11:32 am

Anthology of poems of land, love and life, from the land of Romania, translated in Arabic, and Kuwaiti poems in Romanian, recently took their places at the shelves of Al-Babtain Central library for Arabic Poetry.

Ambassador Sofineti stated, "For the 50th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between Romania and Kuwait, in 2013, we published a book in Romanian anthology of poetry –contemporary poetry from Romania and contemporary poetry from Kuwait, Romanian poetry translated into Arabic and Kuwaiti poetry translated into Romanian, half and half. Director of Al-Babtain Central library for Arabic Poetry, Suad Abdullah Al-Ateeqi, played an important role in choosing Kuwaiti poets."

A visiting delegation of six, from the northern part of Romania, including a team of publishers, a Romanian journalist and Maramures County Council President Zamfir Ciceu, in the presence the library's director Suad Abdullah Al-Ateeqi, as well as the Romanian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Vasile Sofineti,  donated books containing Romanian and Arabic anthology of these translated poems, to the library, on 14 May.

Ciceu stated, "celebrating over 50 years of Romania's relations with Kuwait, this exchange stands as a token of our willingness to, further, increase our cultural, economic and political relations."

He ran out of words, when asked of the beauty of his county, which earned its fame of one of the most well preserved traditional area of Romania, where many of the villages still rely on archaic ways of life. 

In another book donated to the library, the Romanian poems, authored by Stan Patras, from Sapanta, took on subjects such as the country’s beautiful Maramures county and its unique funeral monument – the “Merry Cemetery” in Sapanta, second in fame after the valley of kings in Egypt.

Of the book Happy Cemetery, which is bilingual (in Romanian and Arabic languages) he explained, “It a presentation of this place in Maramures, called 'Merry Cemetery', which has elements of rare art on the graveyards of people."

With a lively, beautifully carved wooden cross, painted in the radiant blue of heaven and decorated with a painting and an original poem that disclose a little something about the life and character of the plot's eternal inhabitant, the country proves that death can have its lighter side.

But the main book presented by the delegation, the anthology, Confluente Poetice, which weaves in some of the best poets of the day, some of whom were, also, candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature, had a commendable reception in Romania and the Ambassador hopes the same to repeat in Kuwait.

He revealed, "I have to say that Kuwaiti poets are a big success in Romania. The book (Confluente Poetice ) itself was very well received, many people have read it and the second edition is already on its heels, which means a lot, especially nowadays, when people are reading everything on internet, to sell books is not an easy job."

It contains poems –on love, love of the country, humankind and everything that poetry can take, in fabulous expressions– by poets the likes of Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain, chairman, founder and owner of Al-Babtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry, Sheikha Sabah, Yaqoub Al-Subaie, author and artist Alia Shuaib, Suad Al-Sabah, amongst other excellent poets. 

These books, translated in Arabic, come from the Romanian publishers –PROEMA, who also stand to be the publishers of the country's first Romanian translation of Khalil Gibran’s poems from Lebanon, for which they are, now, going to Lebanon to make a donation.

Publisher Alexandru Peterliceanu mentioned, "With the anthology and opera, for Romanian poets, translated and published in Arabic, my dream (of youth) materialized. A team of translators, including the former Romanian Ambassador to several countries, Dumitru Chican, collaborated on the project for over a year, and H.E. Sofineti, totally, supported us in the creation and realization of this project."

Although, the tangible realization of Confluente Poetice, in Arabic, took only IN 2013, the inception of its idea took form many years back, when Peterliceanu's son Emanuel Peterliceanu's interest in Arabic built on, while studying under the faculty of history in Baghdad, between the years 2000 and 2005. He, also, went on to explore the history of countries like Iraq, Jordan and Syria.

So was the case with the father, who revealed, " Although, I never thought that I would be able to visit an Arabic country and know more about it, yet, I discovered love for Arabic culture and the Middle-East, especially through its events."

"I took up publishing, Romanian volumes in Arabic, and vice-versa, as a personal initiative because music and poetry create connections beyond boundaries and better cultural exchanges are witnessed," he furthered.

In addition, Alexandru also feels that "we owe to Arabic because a lot of them were being translated, from Greek, to other languages and since, Greece was a gate to Europe, a continued literary dialogue was possible."

Some other books, as well, being donated amongst the 20 books offered, include interesting pieces of creation –under special publishing program called "Arabic Library"– translated from poems by poets of IRAQ, Lebanon, Syria and many Arab countries, which Proema are publishing in their publishing house.

While continuing with Kuwaiti poetry translations, the publishing house is onto projects in Egypt and Jordan, and Saudi Arabia is onto its nearing plans.

It also, along with the delegation, looks forward to Romanian translations of more poems by poetess Sheikha Sabah and by poet Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain, chairman, founder and owner of Al-Babtain Central Library for Arabic Poetry.

Ghazal Praveen

Staff Writer

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