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Arab civil defense officials mull disaster-response pact
October 11, 2017, 9:25 am
16th conference of Arab civil defense agencies

Civil defense officials of Arab states convened Tuesday in Tunis to discuss a series of measures to beef up cooperation in civil defense particularly in response to disasters.

The conferees would also study a unified Arab code for stricter control over explosives and dangerous materials, Secretary General of the Arab Interior Ministers Council Mohammad Koman said at the opening session of the 16th conference of Arab civil defense agencies held in Tunis today.

He underlined the importance of maintaining a clean environment free from any pollution. The civil defense agencies have to set sophisticated plans to deal with leakage of toxic and dangerous substances and to develop a code for control of explosives and dangerous materials, he said.

He called for greater Arab cooperation in search and rescue operations, especially at times of crises. The conferees would discuss various other topic, including the latest approaches and best practices in civil defense, countering environment pollution and ensuring the safety of schools and educational institutions.

Source: KUNA

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