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Arab MPs discuss Israeli aggression on Gaza
July 17, 2014, 9:21 am

The Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (AIPU) committee on foreign, political and security affairs convened an emergency meeting here on Wednesday to discuss the deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip and increasing Israeli aggressions on the Palestinian people.

AIPU President Ahmad Al-Jarwan addressed the meeting by saying that the gathering aims to discuss the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people and how to find a way out of the current crisis in occupied Palestinian territories.

He considered the Palestinian issue as the pivotal and central issues for all Arab countries and the entire Arab world is concerned over the current developments in the Gaza Strip.
The chairman of the AIPU committee, Musallam Al-Mesheni said the meeting came at a time when the Palestinian people were subject to a brutal Zionist aggression as part of a series of Zionist atrocities against the innocent and disarmed people of Gaza.

This aggression, in which the Zionists used warplanes and heavy weapons against the innocent Gazans, has caused the death of at least 200 Palestinians and injury of several thousands, he regretted.

Apart from humanitarian aid that should be sent to the Palestinian people, a single Arab move should be taken in order to put an end to the Israeli attacks on Palestinians, he emphasized.
He also called for bringing the Zionist war criminals to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in order to pay for their crimes against humanity in the occupied Palestinian territories.

On his part, Mubarak Al-Khurainij, a member of the AIPU committee and Deputy Speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, sais decisive resolutions should be made against Israel, emphasizing that those Arab countries which have diplomatic or trade relations with Israel should sever them immediately.

Hailing the Palestinian resistance against Israel, Al-Khurainij said: "What is required now is to take a decision to sever relations with this entity."

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