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Arab League hopes "Decisive Storm" signal start of new stage of joint Arab action
March 29, 2015, 2:45 pm

Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al-Araby has expressed hopes current Saudi-led "Decisive Storm" campaign against Houthi militias in Yemen would be a springboard for a new stage of effective Arab action in dealing with threats. Speaking at the 26th Arab Summit, kicked off Saturday, Al-Araby reiterated his "full support" to the initiative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other members of the alliance for the defense of legitimacy in Yemen.

This Saudi-led campaign "was inevitable to protect Yemeni people and legitimate government", Al-Araby said. He argued that the Decisive Storm campaign was launched upon a request from the Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi after the failure of all efforts exerts to stop Houthi militias' transgression and their coup against the legitimate Yemen leadership. He lamented that the depth of the tragic Arab situation and the huge and unprecedented challenges facing the Arab world.

"Unfortunately, the schemes of our enemies are not the sole responsible (for such situation)," he regretted. He pointed to the accumulation of problems crippling the region for decades. "The accumulation of problems and crises over decades is now threatening the very existence of Arab countries and their national unity," he cautioned. The Arab League chief said that the Arab world is undergoing rapid and deep changes and "the Arab League should keep abreast with such changes.

"Thus the need arises for reconsidering the performance, structure and institutions of the Arab League, if we want it to cope with rapid developments in the region." Al-Araby underscored that the Arab national security means the security and safety of citizens, society and state and to protect them all "there is a need for integrated strategy to counter the current threat imposed by a new generation of terrorist organizations." In this regard, he lauded the draft resolution to form a joint Arab force to tackle security threats to the region. "This draft resolution signals a historic development at the level of joint Arab action and the unified will to safeguard Arab national security," he said. He called for the accelerating the approval and the execution of the key resolution.

At the advent of his speech, Al-Araby extolled His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah's Presidency of the previous Arab summit and his wise and effective steering of the joint Arab action as well as His eagerness to guarantee the unity of Arab countries and their stances. On the Palestinian issue, Al-Araby said that "the Arab region would not enjoy peace, stability, and security as long as the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and the failure of international efforts to resolve this issue continue."

He warned that "the chances for achieving just and lasting peace in the region are fading and the future of the Palestinian national cause is being exposed to terrible dangers unless the Arab countries and international community assume their responsibility to stop the fruitless negotiations and press Israel to accept the two-state solution and execute it according to clear timetable and mechanisms." On Syria, Al-Araby said that the impending dangers of the fading state's control, society defragmentation, and internecine fighting are matchless "and these are what we see in Syria whose civil conflict entered its fifth year." The Syrian crisis has grave consequences on the Arab national security, he cautioned, expressing regret for the international community's failure to find a peaceful solution to the crisis to help restore security and stability and meet Syrian people's democratic and freedom aspirations.

He shed lights on the ongoing turmoil in Libya, noting that diplomatic efforts to resolve the situation there are still facing difficulties and obstacles. On Somalia, Al-Araby called for Arab support to the government brave moves to rebuild the state institutions after decades of chaos and infighting.

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