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Arab League calls for enhancing health care in Arab states
March 2, 2017, 8:51 am

47th session of the Arab Health Ministers Council

Arab League's Assistant Secretary General for Social Affairs Ambassador Badr El Din Alali has called for consolidation of joint efforts to enhance health care in Arab countries.

Such efforts would contribute to improving the quality level of medical services in Arab health sectors, and providing immediate medical attention to citizens and refugees from conflict-stricken areas, Alali said in his opening speech Wednesday at the 47th session of the Arab Health Ministers Council.

He also stressed the importance of providing a careful attention to the healthcare of women in the region, including teenagers and youngsters, pointing out the 2017 Cairo Declaration on Arab Women Health.

Furthermore, Alali highlighted to the Council a number of development experiences in women's health and demographics by Arab countries such as Egypt, Bahrain, Algeria, Kuwait, Jordan and Sudan.

For his part, Yemeni Health Minister Naser Baoum said that it is important that Arab governments have the political will and determination to provide an immediate financial and health support, adding that this would help in enhancing health care and services in Arab countries, and boosting partnership with state and private health sectors.

Meanwhile, Egyptian Minister of Health and Population Dr. Ahmed Emad Eldin Rady stressed the significance of boosting Arab integration in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Rady also underlined the importance of forming the Arab forum GMP for the manufacturing of quality medicines, in addition to agreeing on standards of pharmaceutical factories' requirements in the Arab countries.

The session examines some of the most perennial health challenges in Arab countries. Its agenda features a range of health issues that run the gamut from psychological ailments and addiction to efforts to combat AIDS and children's healthcare.

The session will yield plans to aid Arab nations whose healthcare sectors lie in tatters, including Iraq and Somalia. Kuwait's delegation to the meeting was headed by the Ministry of Health's Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Dr. Majda Al-Qattan.

Source: KUNA

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