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Arab FMs condemn Iran's attacks on Saudi missions in Tehran, Mashhad
January 11, 2016, 8:36 am
Arab Foreign Ministers during extraordinary meeting.

Arab Foreign Ministers Sunday condemned the Iranian attacks against the Saudi diplomatic missions in Tehran and Mashhad, and extended full solidarity to Saudi Arabia.

The foreign ministers, in a statement following their extraordinary one-day meeting, held Iran responsible for the attacks against the Saudi embassy in Tehran and its Consulate in Mashhad, as it should be in accordance with relevant international agreements.

They said the 1961 Vienna agreement on diplomatic relations and the 1963 Vienna agreement on Consulate relations as well as the international law compel host nations to protect diplomatic missions.

The top diplomatis said the Iranian "hostile statements" against Saudi Arabia in the wake of the execution of terrorists "were the direct cause of the attack on the diplomatic mission." They supported the Saudi measures to crack down on terrorists and those undermining security of the Kingdom. They praised the independence of the Saudi judiciary.

The foreign ministers, who called on the international community to prevent these attacks from happening in future, blamed the Iranian government for failing to protect the Saudi diplomatic missions.

Meanwhile, the Arab ministers also condemned Iran's continuous occupation of the UAE's three islands - Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Moussa - and its support of terrorist groups in the GCC countries through training and finance.

They also held Iran responsible for its attempts to undermine security in Bahrain, and interference in Syria and Yemen. They agreed to place what they called "effective mechanism" to confront the Iranian interference but did not elaborate.

They called on the Islamic Republic to cease its acts to destabilize security in the region, support to terrorist groups in the GCC countries and respect the sovereignty of countries.

They assigned Arab League Secretary General to stay in touch with the foreign ministrs of the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to follow up the development of the standoff with Iran.

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