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Arab Economic Summit discusses essential social, economic issues
January 19, 2019, 8:34 am
Rafik Shalala, third right, the official spokesman of the upcoming Arab Economic Summit holds a joint press conference with members of the organizing committee in Beirut. (AP)

Arab Development, Economic and Social Summit will discuss crucial matters on Sunday as Arab leaders gather to come up with positive political and economic outcomes benefitting Arab citizens.

This fourth summit continues on the road paved by previous summits to fulfill Arab dreams and also will contribute to the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. On the economic sphere, Assistant Arab League Secretary for Economic Affairs Ambassador Kamal Ali told KUNA that one of the chief issues to be discussed during the summit was the Sudanese initiative to achieve Arab food security.

Other paramount topics on the agenda will include food security emergency programs, Arab economic integration, improvement of Arab commercial exchange, and the development of agricultural and food products in the region, said the official.

He added that updates on the grand Arab free­trade zone, digital economy, the Arab customs union, microArab business ventures, small and medium Arab enterprises were also to be discussed by the summit.

Supporting Palestinian economy through UNRWA as well as other means in addition the 2018­2020 strategy sectoral development plan for Jerusalem also one of the major topics of the event, said the Arab League official.

He noted that the social and economic woes facing the Syrian refugees will be touched upon and hopefully new plans would be introduced to help the refugees.

On her part, Assistant Secretary­ General, head of social affairs in the Arab League Haifa Abu Ghazaleh said to KUNA, that the summit would provide an important opportunity for the Arabic community to concentrate on the roots of social problems and current social standings.

"The summit will debate a number of proposals that concern the social issues. It will focus on the importance of investing in the human resources to empower laborers to deal with the future as it affects economic growth directly by terminating poverty," Abu Ghazaleh added.

Abu Ghazaleh believed that the high profile attendance for this summit affirmed the significance of merging economic, social and environmental priorities to achieve sustainable development.

"This summit is a journey that will reflect on many sectors in the Arab nation in the upcoming years," Abu Ghazaleh continued.

Abu Ghazaleh also noted that this summit's agenda focuses on several cases that are worrying in many fields such as poverty, producing productive working hands and reinforcing social integration in different parts of the Arab world.

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