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Aqua Park to launch Aqua Trippo
April 16, 2016, 12:39 pm

General Manager and board member of Aqua Park Mohammed Abdul Ridha Khurshid has announced that Aqua Park will launch the latest and greatest game in the Middle East, the ‘Aqua Turbo’. He added the game consists of three slopes with height of 15 meters, and takes up to 400 people per hour and includes sprinklers of cool water operated by a team of specialists from the World Organization of Aqua Parks. 

Mr. Khurshid revealed the game will be launched in mid-May next. This will be in addition to entertainment programs and competitions, where prizes and gifts galore will contribute to the level of family bonding and increases social relations. He pointed out the media has been a key supporter in the march of Aqua Park, and stressed on the importance of this tourist town on the level of Kuwait and the Gulf countries.

He added Ruby Taozdi has helped Aqua Park build restaurants inside the Aqua Park facility. Manager of the sales department, associations and groups sector said Aqua Park is preparing many pleasant surprises, most notably for those who buy a ticket from cooperative societies get a free ticket for entry of an additional person. Director of Marketing and Public Relations Abdul Latif Al Shammari said, “We have begun marketing for companies and ministries at discounted prices or for booking the entire city (Aqua Park) upon the desire of every company or ministry.”

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