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Apps to keep your New Year’s resolutions
January 7, 2018, 4:52 pm

Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. Far fewer stick to them. Losing weight, exercising more, spending less are all among popular New Year goals. A sizeable percentage of people also aim to ‘be a better person’.

Here are a few apps that will help you remain focused in 2018.

8fit: There are countless fitness and diet apps. But if you are looking for a new one, 8fit is worth checking out. Whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle mass, 8fit lets you track specific fitness goals. There are workout videos for yoga and tabata. It is soon adding videos to target your core and arms. The app additionally has a diet section, for monitoring what you eat. Whether you are vegetarian or looking to avoid carbs, there are plenty of options suitable for various diets, including helping you build a customized meal plan, complete with recipes. The basic app is free and available on both iOS and Android. Users are charged $5 per month for 8fit Pro, with added functionality.

Done: Regardless of what your resolutions are, this app will help you get it done. The aptly named ‘Done’, lets you set your own goals and get reminders. Done charts your progress, so you can see how you performed this week or this month. The data is exportable and can be backed up by Dropbox. The beauty of the app is the simplicity. Other similar apps include Habit List for tracking habits and iHydrate for water-intake tracking. Done is free and available on iOS.

ShareTheMeal: Forget self-improvement, what about helping others? ShareTheMeal is an app created by the United Nations World Food Programme to help children in poverty. For just 50 cents, the app will let you feed a child for a day. Or for $15, you can feed the child for a month. Whether it is Syrian refugees or kids in Haiti, ShareTheMeal will let you determine which region your food is going to. You can also spread the word about the program, by using the app to share photos of your meals on social media. Over 18 million meals have been donated so far. The app itself is free and available on both iOS and Android.

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