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Applying makeup the smart way
February 16, 2014, 10:29 am

While there are many ways to make makeup look amazing on you; here are some of the methods employed by professional makeup artists.

Tap on mascara: To amp up your lashes, start by tapping deep at the base of the lashes, working outwards to the tips. That way you’re creating depth — the roots are dark and rich and the ends are soft, not clumpy.

Soften pencils: Dip your lip liner in sheer balm before applying; it glides on much smoother, making it easier to accurately fill your lips. Warm the tip of a stubborn eyeliner pencil between your thumb and forefinger for a similar effect.

Art of stippling: Stippling is an artist’s word for shading with dots instead of solid strokes. Stippling your foundation creates the most natural finish, and the technique also works for blush — build color at the apple of your cheeks, dotting back towards your hairline.

Fight grease with gel: Finish the face with a dab of mattifying gel along the T-Zone and under the eyes. This ensures you’re not shiny in photos later.
Perfect pout with middle finger: Put a dab of lipstick on your middle finger and place it in the center of your upper lip, sweeping outwards to the left. Repeat towards the right, to creates that perfect lipstick line.

Re-purposed lipstick: A tiny amount of peach or coral lipstick blended in with your concealer is an unexpected antidote to dark under eye circles. The orange-red shade brightens and diffuses the darkness. This way, there’s a continuity of color on the face.

Line your lashes:  A steady stroke of ultra-thin gel liner along the base of your lash line is key to creating the illusion of extra lashes. Fill that spot between your lashes and your lid. Only when that line looks solid should you start applying mascara.

Clean up with foundation: For simple smudges of liner or errant swipes of mascara, a foundation dipped Q-Tip will wipe away the mistake — use a tapping motion to get the best results.

Contour with highlighter: Smooth luminizing highlighter in a C-shape starting at your temples and extending along the bone just below your eyes. A slim line of highlighter down the center of your nose can also create the illusion of straighter bone structure.

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