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Apotheca Beauty – innovative beauty solutions with a personal touch
July 15, 2017, 4:11 pm

Discovering new secrets, searching for new regimens and acquring innovative solutions for every beauty need is the foundation of Apotheca Beauty’s philosophy.

Apotheca Beauty, the brainchild of three Kuwaiti sisters, Sarah, Nora and Dana Al-Ramadhan, is a dedicated beauty supply company that  bridges the gap between need for quality consumer products within the Middle East and the desire of premium brands to expand their customer reach in the region.

In 2011, a local dermatologist in the US state of Los Angeles seeking a distributor in the Middle East approached the three sisters with a potential business opportunity.

After many months of research spent assessing the market, the trio identified a market gap for niche beauty products, not only due to growing consumer demand but also due to a dearth on the supply side.

In July 2013, Apotheca Beauty was launched as the first online beauty hub to bring niche beauty brands to the region. Recently, The Times Kuwait had the opportunity to interview the founders of Apotheca Beauty.

What inspired you to get together on this venture?

We first stumbled across distribution through a close connection in Los Angeles. A famous dermatologist wanted to distribute his products in Kuwait and asked us to help him do so. We then spent a couple months studying the market, and although the opportunity never materialized, we realized a serious gap in the market for premium, niche beauty brands. That was enough to let us know we had a serious business opportunity on our hands, and we then moved forward.

What do you look for in potential brands that want you to represent them in the region?

Foremost, we are consumers of the beauty market ourselves. Therefore, we naturally want to bring what we use and love! Once that’s been established, we then map out what market dynamic and consumer would the brand appeal to. Finally, we then work closely with the brands themselves to make sure their philosophy and aesthetic is properly rolled out into the region.

What are the current trends in the beauty industry? How does it affect the way you plan for Apotheca Beauty?

Women in the Middle East are forever curious about the latest beauty secrets, formulas, and fixes - as I think women of all different cultures are.  As consumers ourselves, we too are constantly searching for what the answers are.  The biggest trends right now are definitly highlight! We are looking forward to the next upcoming trend of glitter.

What are your long-term goals for your company?

In addition to working with new brands, we are excited about expansion into new retail outlets, as well as new territories such as Morocco. We are also excited to launch our new retail store in Kuwait in the next couple of months, as well as our e-commerce site!

Are there any beauty tycoons that keep you inspired?

I think we are all very self-motivated, but honestly the brands we work with themselves are very inspiring – they are all owned by the founders who are clearly self-invested and incredibly hard working. It’s inspiring to see how far they’ve come from where they started.

As an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to young women hoping to start their own business?

It’s simple: do your homework and work hard – that’s pretty much all there is to it.  Research and undersatnding your market is key to keeping you ahead of the curve, and working hard to implement your goals is, of course, a necessity to buildilng a business from the ground up.

Do all of you serve a specific function in the company or do you all tend to share the same tasks and execute them jointly?

We are all involved in everything to some degree – but our specific roles are clear. Nora is based out of Dubai and focuses on the company’s organic growth into new retail outlets, as well as manages our UAE operations team.  Dana is based out of Kuwait and manages our Kuwait operations team, as well as focuses on expanding Apotheca’s retail side of the business, through our boutique in Salhiya Complex, Kuwait, and our soon to launch regional website. I am based out of Kuwait and manage the inorganic growth of Apotheca by acquiring new brands as well as diversifying their company business portfolio.  I also manage all the company financials.

What are some of the challenges you face while working together as a trio?

The most challenging part about working with your family is being able to separate work and family life. They tend to intermix quite often. The most rewarding part about working with family is that it definitely brings us closer together, and being able to share achievements and success with my sisters only makes it that much more special. We furthermore challenge each other in ways that normal partners might not, which we are appreciative of. 


Dana Al-Ramadhan

Nora Al-Ramadhan

Sarah Al-Ramadhan




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