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Anti-terrorism Algeria declaration adopted at Arab interior minister talks
March 12, 2015, 8:42 am

Arab interior ministers meeting in Algiers on Wednesday expressed utter condemnation of terrorism whatever its grounds and motives.

The Algeria Declaration, issued upon the conclusion of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, said terrorist acts are "barbaric" and "savage", including the looting or destruction of ancient sites and antiquities.

The document also denounced "the discourse of violence, fundamentalism and sectarian mobilization." It underlined that Islam is a faith of moderation, not exaggeration or fundamentalism, and that it was brought down on the peoples of the Arab and Islamic worlds while recognizing earlier prophets and monotheistic religions.

Efforts aimed at tackling terrorism and organized crime would continue, read the declaration, through the effective partnership amongst the society.

The member nations urged further efforts towards tackling the trafficking of drugs, which were regarded as funding sources for terrorism, and ransom demands, another of these sources.

The Arab ministers also urged closer coordination in acknowledging social, educational, economic and intellectual dimensions in their nations, and to work at improving livelihoods in order to prevent the spread of fundamentalist ideology. They also urged stricter laws that incriminate affiliation to terrorist organizations or attempts to do so.

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