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Anti-Snore Wearable for snorers
December 26, 2016, 12:43 pm

A very literally named device, the Anti-Snore Wearable is a band that wraps around a wearer’s arm. It vibrates whenever its companion iOS / Android app detects snoring in an effort to coax a person into turning over to his or her side. So the band tries to save your bed companion some passive aggressive side jabs.

The band does not have a microphone inside, but pairs with a user's phone over Bluetooth. The downside of that pairing is a sleeper has to keep their phone near their bed all night, which some people might not be into. The app apparently relies on an algorithm to determine whether a sound is a snore or something else, like a car alarm. It also tracks sleep and snoring to try and optimize bedtime. It will retail for $77 and the associated app comes free

It is entirely possible the Anti-Snore Wearable can run into problems if it cannot distinguish a snore from other surrounding sounds, as is the case with a number of sensor based anti-snore products in the market. Ultimately, buying into the Anti-Snore Wearable comes down to whether you want to wear a band around your arm all night and whether you think your phone and this company's app can truly tell when you are snoring.

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