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Anaar Catering
March 15, 2015, 12:48 pm

'Anaar' (pomegranate in Persian), out of its wide use and appreciation of classical Persian recipes, caters well-known rice from Iran's northern province of Gilan, 'The Land of Rice', Iran-imported abalou (sour cherry), herbs, different kind of beans, barley and wheat, zereshk (barberry) and saffron of Khorasan.

Atmosphere: The décor is of lush pomegranates themed on its chairs, candles and paintings.

Best Bite: Fesenjan Ba Morgh

Best Bit: Caters to orders even as small as for one person.

Where: Salmiya, Baghdad St., Al-Khaled Complex | 25663555, 25663666, 90067676 |


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