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An evening with Abdullah Fadhalah
October 17, 2017, 5:19 pm

A music tribute to a true Kuwaiti artist, a writer, composer and singer; he wrote poetry in both colloquial and classical Arabic and has composed and sung more 500 songs, most of which were written by him. He has contributed and enriched the music of Kuwait, influenced by Indian and Yemeni music.

A man ahead of his time, credited with introducing the piano to Kuwaiti songs, taking it beyond borders to the gulf and Egypt. He is also known to be the first to record in Kuwait. Abdullah Fadhalah’s artistic journey will be presented by Kuwaiti director Bader Mohareb.
For more information and tickets, click [Here]

Date: 8:00 pm
Time: Tuesday
Venue: Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Center, Gulf Road, Kuwait


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