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Amir commutes death sentences on 15 Indians, pardons 119
September 30, 2017, 7:17 pm

Indian embassy announced that the Kuwaiti authorities have released a list of 119 Indian Prisoners who have been granted pardon/reduction in sentence by H.H. the Amir.  The list is in addition to 15 Indian prisoners whose death sentence was recently commuted to life imprisonment, as per details given below:

Reduction from life to 20 years                                  :         53 

Immediate release                                                      :         22

Reduction of three quarters of the sentence               :         18

Reduction by half period of the sentence                    :          25 

Reduction by one quarter of the sentence                   :          1  


The charges in most of the cases involved narcotics, drugs trading/consumption, theft, robbery, fraud, etc.

All the 15 prisoners whose death sentence was converted to life imprisonment were convicted on drug related charges. The Embassy of India will provide all possible assistance for their travel to India immediately after their release/completion of sentence. Efforts are also being made to help Indian prisoners who have given their consent for transfer to India to spend rest of their sentence period in India.

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