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Amazon unlimited cloud storage for $5 per year
December 7, 2015, 11:18 am

There are plenty of options for keeping your digital media safe and easily accessible in the cloud. Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Yahoo all have services that will let you back up tons of old files. Amazon is a major player in providing cloud services to other companies and has leveraged that expertise to create offerings for average consumers and perks for its Prime subscribers by rolling out a limited-time offer of $5 for unlimited online storage.

The deal may be of particular interest to users of Microsoft's OneDrive. Previously that company had been offering unlimited storage to Office 365 subscribers, but recently downgraded that to 1 TB of space, stating that a few extreme users were taking advantage of the system well beyond the needs of average users.

Google Drive has unlimited storage for people who are signed up through a work account, but caps free consumer accounts at 15GB before asking for payment. The copious amount of free storage out there from companies with other principle revenue streams explains why Dropbox, which makes all its money charging for storage, is in danger of losing its luster among investors.

If you have a massive collection of files that you have been meaning to back up but did not want to pay full freight, Amazon's current offer seems like a great opportunity to finally make that move. Just remember that the price changes back to the full $60 a year after the trial is over.

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