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Amazing eyeshadow ideas
July 1, 2018, 12:46 pm

There is no right or wrong way to do makeup as long as you achieve the look you want. However, if you've wanted to tackle a new technique or try a look that you haven't before, let this roundup of looks and the tips be your guide.

A light wash of a single color: This is a great technique for someone just beginning to use eye shadow, but it's also a go-to option for a casual daytime look. If you prefer to use a creamy shadow, apply it close to your lash line using the applicator or a brush. Then, use your ring finger to blend it up and out into the crease. The less you apply and the more you blend, the lighter the wash of color.

If you prefer to use a powder eye shadow over a cream, grab a fluffy blending brush, swirl it into your color of choice, and hold the brush near the end of the handle (the farther away from the bristles that you hold the handle, the more diffused the pigment will be). Then, swipe the brush along the crease of your eye (in a windshield wiping motion) until you've deposited the amount of color you want.

A gradient of two shades:  Step it up a notch by adding a second color into the mix. Unsure which two colors to choose? Try one matte hue and one shimmery shade, which will brighten up the eye area.

So for example, you can use a matte pink shade and a shimmery gold tone. First, with your fluffy blending brush, apply your matte color into the crease of your eye, focusing on the outer corner instead. Then, use your finger tip to press the shimmery shade in the corners of your eyes. Finally, blend it into the matte shade with your fluffy brush to create the gradient effect.

To amp it up for an evening party, use a bold, shimmery shade (or a glitter-based hue) and a darker tone for your matte shadow. Start by blending the matte shadow to the outer corners of your eyes and into your crease. Then, use your finger to press and swipe the shimmer shadow to your inner corners before blending it into the matte shade.

Glossy Lids:  Though not always practical for wearing all day long, one way to get the glossy lid look is to layer a sheer lip gloss over top of your shadow. First, use an eye shadow brush and your shadow of choice to cover your eyelid. Then, use your ring finger to dab the gloss over the middle of your eyelid and blend it out.

Lip gloss isn't the only way to achieve the super-dewy effect.  A universal balm or sheen-inducing highlighter product will do the trick too. Or, if you're really into the eye gloss look, invest in a product that's made to give you that high-shine look of your dreams.



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