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Alternate uses for eyeshadow
August 2, 2015, 1:31 pm

If there is one thing every makeup lover enjoys, it is multi-tasking beauty products. And the most multi-tasking makeup product of them all is eyeshadow. While everyone appreciates the ability to create amazing eye looks, eyeshadow is capable of so much more than just coloring your lids. So here are some good eyeshadow hacks to inspire your makeup game to new heights this week.

Turn it into long-wear eyeliner: By now, a common trick is to dip an angled brush in water and eyeshadow to create passable liquid liner. But water dries, and eventually your colorful cat-eye will revert back to a powdery, potentially smudgy mess, and no one wants a sub-par cat eye. Instead, use contact lens solution to wet your brush; not only will the resulting liner be a lot smoother, the saline means that the solution will really set on your skin. You will get hours of flawless wear.

Stop your pencil liner from smudging: If you spend a lot of time staring at screens, most likely you find your pencil eyeliner running down your cheeks by the end of the day. Eyeshadow is an easy way to stop your liner running. Pencil eyeliner tends to be a little oily, which gives it that lovely creamy line—but it also means that it smudges, creases and wears off rather quickly. In the same way that powder sets liquid foundation, powder eyeshadow sets eyeliner. Just use a thin brush and a powder eyeshadow the same shade as your liner, and lightly pat the shadow over the top. This is also a great way to mattify too-shiny liquid eyeliner. Pro tip: If you want to really elevate your game, use an iridescent or shimmery shadow over the top of dark liner. The colors and finishes you can create are truly epic.

Create easy nail art: For a show-stopping manicure, add some eyeshadow; use a makeup sponge to dab pressed powder over a clear topcoat for an opalescent finish, or sprinkle loose pigment over nearly-dry nails for a more random effect. You can also crush up eyeshadow and mix it with clear nail polish to create your own custom lacquer shades—but don’t forget the top coat as these eyeshadow polishes are prone to chipping.

Pro tip: Use a thin brush dipped in gel or cream eye shadow to paint intricate nail designs on dry polish. Let the eyeshadow set, then seal it with a clear top coat. Voila!

Use it as highlighter: Finding a highlighter that is actually luminous enough can be a genuine struggle, good thing eyeshadow is an option. Shimmery shadows are generally more pigmented and shinier than standard skin highlighters, and they don’t just come in one or two shades. Plus, it is so easy to do. Using a loosely bristled brush, mix some shimmery eyeshadow about one to two shades lighter than your skin with either a lightweight moisturizer or serum, then dab onto your cheeks, forehead and chin, down the bridge of your nose and along the tops of your cheekbones. You can adjust your amounts to make this blend as shimmery as you like, and you can also combine colors together for a custom shade that works perfectly for your skin tone.

Pro tip: You can also use matte brown eyeshadow as contour, adding a little under the cheekbones for added definition.

As lip color:  Eyeshadow, either mixed with lip balm or tapped overtop of an existing lipstick shade, can create totally amazing customized lip colors. Though there are an unlimited number of amazing ways that you can use eye shadow as lip color, one favorite idea is to tap a tiny amount of light-colored, shimmery shadow onto the center of your lips to create dimension.

Pro tip: if you find that your lips get dry, powder eye shadow may dry them out further. Mix your shadow with a heavy-duty moisturizer instead of a balm; this will hydrate and protect your lips.



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