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All About Bread
November 8, 2015, 4:08 pm

Bread at its simplest it is merely a paste of flour and water cooked over or surrounded by heat. Around the world, bread is a staple in almost every diet. Throughout history, bread has been recognized as an important part of society’s survival. Partly because of its importance as a basic foodstuff, bread has social and emotional significance beyond its importance in nutrition. Bread comes in many forms and can be grilled, baked and fried. They can be loaf shaped, flat, square, round, long or a wreath.

The following are few of the many dishes where bread plays a major role.

Caprese Bruschetta: Caprese Bruschetta is such an easy appetizer to create. It is bursting with sweet tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, savory and sweet basil, all topped with a decadent balsamic glaze. And of course, what dish is complete without a little bit of diced mozzarella cheese.

French Onion Soup: You can have French onion soup with or without a cheesy toasty topper. Your bread topping does not have to be perfectly even or perfectly round. You can toss a handful of bread on top of your soup and still find plenty of room for the cheese to settle in.

Bread Salads: Bread salad also known as panzanella, is a nice change from regular old lettuce-and-dressing. If you want to throw a can of artichoke hearts, some sliced tomatoes, a few handfuls of bread, some cooked chicken and some dressing in a bowl and call it a salad, then you are well within your semantic rights to do so.

Gourmet Croutons: Nothing can be easier than turning bread into delicious gourmet croutons for soup and salad toppings. Simply toss the bread in a mixture of olive oil, dried herbs, and salt and toast until golden brown.

Open Faced Sandwiches: If you wish to have less bread and more filling then toast the slices and top with anything you like, from olive tapenade to leftover meat loaf.

Cinnamon Toasts: You would have never made cinnamon toast quite like this. Toast the bread until golden brown, butter one side and sprinkle cinnamon sugar generously on the other. If desired, place the cinnamon toast under the oven's broiler until the sugar has melted and starts to bubble.

Bread Pudding: Break bread into small pieces and drizzle with melted butter. In a medium mixing bowl, combine eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. Beat until well mixed. Pour over bread, and lightly push down with a fork until the bread is soaked. Bake in the preheated oven for 45 minutes, or until the top springs back when lightly tapped.




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