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Alibaba notches record single day sales of $25 billion
November 26, 2017, 3:11 pm

Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, set a record single-day sale by selling over $25 billion of products on 11 November, which is marked as Single’s Day in China and is the country’s biggest online shopping date.

By comparison, America’s largest shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday — the weekdays that fall respectively after Thanksgiving each year — scored a measly $6.45 billion in total sales across all outlets last year.

The full numbers for Alibaba’s Single’s Day sales this year came to 1.48 billion transactions for around $25.3 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV). The GMV is used to measure all sales on a single platform. The GMV in the case of Alibaba predominantly measured all sales on its Taobao marketplace and at its Tmall brand store, although it sells through its international services and ships worldwide. The sales this year represented an impressive 42 percent increase on last year’s sales total of $17.79 billion.

But Alibaba was not the only online retailer to score big on this year’s Single’s Day. A perennial challenger to Alibaba in China, emerged from the shadow to reveal for the first time its 11/11 sales figures for this year, and impressive GMV of around $19.14 billion. However, unlike Alibaba, which racked up sales in just 24 hours,’s sales haul was for the entire Single’s Day period, from 1 to 11 November. has previously been fairly guarded over Single’s Day data — instead choosing to talk up percentage growth — but with the announcement of its sales figures this year, the company is clearly reminding people that it is close challenger to Alibaba.


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