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Albanian troupe performs traditional songs and dance
April 20, 2016, 5:55 pm

The Albanian embassy in cooperation with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) and the Albanian National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, organized a concert featuring the Albanian National Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances on 18 April at the Abdulhussain Abdulredha Theater in Salmiya. The troupe is sponsored by the National Theater of Opera and Ballet which is highly acclaimed for many successful performances in a host of countries since its establishment in 1957.

The concert builds on the agreement for mutual cooperation between Albania and Kuwait in the fields of arts and culture and was organized as part of Kuwait being named as Capital of Islamic Culture for 2016.

Albanian Director of Theater of Opera and Ballet Ilir Kerni, a well-known figure in the International theatre scene, and the Secretary General of NCCAL Dr. Ali Al Yohua were the special guests. Also in attendance were the Albanian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Kujtim Morina, members of the diplomatic corps and specially invited dignitaries. 

The Albanian National Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances is comprised of talented artists whose mission is to exhibit various aspects of musical, instrumental and dance from their country’s rich and diverse ethnic heritage.

Clad in colorful traditional costumes, the Albanian dance troupe, charged with bountiful energy, performed a variety of dances with fluid movements and light steps. The audience was riveted by the fun choreography that conveyed a festive vibe and the spirit of community of Albania.  Particularly impressive was the Skrapar Dance, an invigorating display reflective of communal harmony and social interactions in a playful manner.

The Polyphonic Group sang songs in the tradition style with expressive and harmonious soprano voices. With a perfect balance of song and dances, the troupe exemplified the strengths of traditional Albanian folk culture with vivid dances, striking songs and smooth vocals.

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