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Al Shaheed Park -Showcasing Kuwait’s history, culture, habitat
February 22, 2018, 12:05 pm

Located on the periphery of Kuwait City, Al Shaheed Park narrates the story of a land, its history and culture. The park consists of 200,000 square meters of greenery, featuring beautiful botanical gardens, two museums — Thekra and the Habitat — a visitor center, an amphi-theatre, lake, walkways and jogging tracks, making it the largest urban park in Kuwait.

Al Shaheed Park is a project developed by Al Diwan Al Amiri and managed by LOYAC (Lothan Youth Achievement Center), who are undertaking and organizing community programs that focus on healthy living, education, empowerment and other cultural activities that encourage the exchange of international and regional arts.

The Park’s main mission is to promote sustainability and teach the people of Kuwait to take better care of Kuwait’s natural landscapes through interactive activities. Visitors will instantly notice the remarkable difference in the landscapes that occur around The Habitat Museum, where the area showcases the different flora and fauna that natively grow in Kuwait, as well as a myriad of plant species that are projected to flourish in the same area, affirming the Park’s aims and goals to promote sustainability.

The story of Al Shaheed Park dates back to when the Amiri Diwan initially wished to reclaim the country’s previous greenbelt garden that once bordered Kuwait’s original entry gates. This was then allocated as the country’s green belt, which evolved into the green belt garden with the city’s growth past the original city gates. The initial project entered different phases of development and evolution, and eventually became the original Al Shaheed Park to commemorate the country’s martyrs.

A must visit here is the Thekra Museum, a historical museum that provides information about the country’s historical battles, along with the invasion of 1990. Visitors are also at liberty to share their own experiences at a dedicated memorial center. The Park aims to preserve these memories as part of the park’s legacy to Kuwait’s people.

Other than the Thekra Museum, Al Shaheed Park is home to the beautiful Constitution Monument that commemorates the country’s 53rd anniversary of the constitution’s ratification, along with the Martyrs Monument that serves as a reminder to the country’s most pivotal events, the proclamation of freedom and those who lost their lives in reclaiming and protecting Kuwait’s freedom.

An open-air amphitheater, a designated visitor center, cafes, restaurants, gift shop, book shop and other cultural amenities further perpetuate the country’s commitment to creating public spaces that serve its citizen’s interests.

As a cultural platform, Al Shaheed Park serves to help people who are leading the cultural renaissance in Kuwait, by showcasing outdoor installations by local architects and designers. These installations are constantly incorporated into the park and its multi-purpose usage areas.

The pristine park is only a short walk away from the lush open grassy area that is called the Circle of Peace. The Constitution Monument garden is abundant with flora and fauna from around the world, where each row of plants symbolizes an article from Kuwait’s constitution. There is also a renovated underground tunnel that initially connected Kuwait’s first green belt; this passageway has been immaculately refurbished, incorporating stunning three-dimensional Portuguese tiles in shades of deep emerald green and calming jade.

Al Shaheed Park also prides itself on ensuring the safety of its patrons with a fully dedicated security team that is mindful of visitors’ safety from its opening time up until its closing time. If you decide to take on a leisurely stroll through Al Shaheed Park but are not sure where to start, then do not hesitate to speak to any of their qualified tour guides and security officials on the premises. They are well trained, very friendly and are always around to offer a helping hand to visitors with any requests.

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